Tefillin Pesutim – mainly for people on a low budget, made using several pieces of parchment to form the inner walls of the head tefillin, glued within a slit square to divide it into the four required compartments. Hand written “Parshiot” by a scribe. Guaranteed Lowest Price on The Web. Free Tefillin Velvet Bag...

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Use this all new Custom Shaped Tefillin Cookie Cutter to create gorgeous edible delights for Bar Mitzvahs. Just make your favorite sugar cookie dough, and use the tefillin cookie cutter to shape it. Then decorate your cookies using royal icing or fondant. Includes a sugar cookie recipe. Product Features Exclusive Tefillin cookie cutter for...

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, Tefillin Cover Bag and Talit Tallit cover bag,hard thermal protector tefilin Bag, to keep the Tefillin , Black !The bag, in particular protective hard Tefillin, will accompany you for many years The bag is an integrated thermal insulation especially hard plastic covering thick rubber .padding may double layer to prevent water penetration .In...

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Gassot (thick) are each made from one strip of thick leather, with inserts that make them close flat. This is accomplished by a sophisticated manufacturing process that involves repeated application of several tons of pressure in industrial presses. The resulting batim are so rugged and durable that they can be repaired and reconditioned even...

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Carry your tefillin in style with this handy canvas tote bag. This style has a transparent front, ideal for keeping a regular tefillin bag inside for protection. Product Features Features a carry handle and removable shoulder strap for easy carrying Imported from Israel

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Dakkot (Thin Ones) – Made with 33 mm sides to the boxes. The boxes are higher quality, more durable and larger then the “Peshutim Mehudarim”. The difference between the Dakkot and the Dakkot Ohr-Echad is that the boxes of the Ohr-Echad are covered with additional thin layer of parchment. Kosher and proofread by an...

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  welcome to our kosher Judaica store. in our store, you will find the best Judaica items for all your Jewish needs. why buy our items? all of our items are from Israel and they are unique from the company Ateret Judaica. we are the only one who sells their items. some of the...

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This beautifully embroidered matching set of tallit and tefillin bags provides a safe and fitting place to store your daily prayer objects. The design on this tallit bag features Jerusalem vistas in black and silver on a midnight blue background. Product Features Tallit bag measures approximately: 13 1/2″ W X 11 1/2″ H Tefillin...

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Tallit and/or Tefillin bag with an embroidered Jerusalem design made of quality fabrics . Fully lined, quality zippered closure. Comes with an outer clear plastic protector. This bag is a medium size that fits all sizes Tallitot comfortably. You can add a personal touch to this Tallit and/or Tefillin bag by embroidering a name...

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At Zion Judaica we spare no efforts in bringing you only the finest Hand Knitted Kippot. Use these daily for yourself, children and when you celebrate a special occasion as a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding etc. The trick of making a fine Knitted Kippah is by using fine cotton threads and crocheting them...

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Kaftor Vaferach Judaica: Company Profile Workshop of holy ark curtains, Bimah covers, Torah mantle, chupppahs, talit sets and tefillin, kippahs gifts and souvenirs. History: In 1929, the rabbi Yichiel Shimon Minsky left his town in Poland in order to achieve the dream of a lifetime: move to Israel. Upon his arrival to the Holy...

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“Well written and concise. This book makes the mitzvah of Tefillin so much more meaningful. Highly recommended reading.”  –Robert WeissWhat are tefillin? What is their deeper significance? How can we bind our hearts and souls to God, as we bind these these scrolls to our arms and heads?  Nine insightful essays on the mitzvah...

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