Beautiful Black Plastic Rabbanu Tam Tefillin Holder set including the shel yad small plastic Available in right and left handed in sizes 33&34. Tefillin not included for full selection of tefillin parchment and inside boxes or for tefiliin bags check out or full line or contact us. Product Features Beautiful Black Plastic Rabbanu tam...

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Plastic Tefillin Holder for Righty Product Description Material: Plastic For a righty. Beautifully designed! Will protect your precious Tefillin Shel Rosh and Shel Yad in a classy manner! A must have! Made in Israel. Product Features HARD PLASTIC – will protect your precious Tefillin Shel Rosh and Shel Yad in a classy manner! SIZE...

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Tefillin Pesutim – mainly for people on a low budget, made using several pieces of parchment to form the inner walls of the head tefillin, glued within a slit square to divide it into the four required compartments. Hand written “Parshiot” by a scribe. Guaranteed Lowest Price on The Web. Free Tefillin Velvet Bag...

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These are of the highest quality pair of tefillin on the market for it’s price. We cannot be outdone. When choosing a pair, it is a long term investment and an important one. Purchase only from an acknowledged source. Product Features Strictly Kosher certified Tefillin, Peshutim Mehudarim (“simple but glorified)”. Comes with flip top...

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The basis for wearing the tallit is from the biblical command in Numbers 15:37-41, in which G-d says to Moses: “Speak to the children of Israel and bid them to affix fringes (tzitziot) to the corners of their garments… that you may look upon them and remember all the commandments of the Lord.” Product...

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Velvet Tallit and Tefilling bag. Tallis bag measures 12″ x 12″, tefillin bag 8″ x 8″. Product Features Velvet Tallit and tefilling Bag Set Extensive Embroidered Judaic Designs

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Size: Tefillin Bag 8″ x 10″ / 20cm x 25cm Matching tallit bag sold separately. (EM-TBC) Carry your tefillin to shul in style with this tefillin bag designed by famed artist Yair Emanuel! About the Artist: In his Studio, located in Jerusalem, Emanuel designs various Judaica products. The designs are based upon a fusion...

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Gassot (thick) are each made from one strip of thick leather, with inserts that make them close flat. This is accomplished by a sophisticated manufacturing process that involves repeated application of several tons of pressure in industrial presses. The resulting batim are so rugged and durable that they can be repaired and reconditioned even...

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Argaman Lazer Cut Tefillin Bag Kotel – White #RETFLC310WT – 9″ X 8.5″ Ultra Suede Product Features Judaica Teffilin Bag Suede/Velvet Teffilin Bag

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Produce a pure clear sound , It was checked for having a great sound by a special Shofars Expert and though standing in all kosher standards .Each Shofar checked before shipping. The shofar is mentioned frequently in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud and rabbinic literature. The blast of a shofar emanating from the thick...

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These beautiful afikoman covers will add color and distinction to your Seder table. They are made of fully embroidered fabric. The afikoman cover is sized to fit the afikoman, and says Afikoman in Hebrew in the middle. The cover is decorated with a beautiful motif. Approximate Size: 12.2″ x 9.8″ Product Features DESIGNED BY...

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Artist: Yair Emanuel Made in Israel. This unique tallis bag is made of microsuede. In full embroidery there is a scene of Jerusalem in many different shades of blue. Product Features Material: Embroidered Available Colors: Blue, Multicolor, Gold Size: 14″ x 12″ This unique tallis bag is made of microsuede. In full embroidery there...

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