This Grape Lights Garland with 72 Grapes will surely enhance your Sukkah.

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Need a durable Jewish festival booth? The SUKKOT HADAR LARGE KOSHER SUKKAH! A traditional Jewish temporary hut for chag. Why SUKKOT HADAR? KOSHER – Jewish festival certifiedLARGE – 5×5’ min to 10×10’ maxTRADITIONAL – 4 sides, 2 mesh windows with shades, 40’ sidewall, poles, & more HIGH-QUALITY – Sturdy nylon fabric & telescopic locking...

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Made of durable fabric, these murals were created to amaze. Let your sukkah come alive with quality artwork, by renowned artists Alex Levin, Theodor Tolby, Leonid Afremov, Shemel Katz and Elena Flerova. Treated for sun and rain resistance, use them rain or shine. Easy to hang and easy to store, these majestic murals make...

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Holiday Carnival Newest Inflatable Dog Costume Cosplay for Men and Women Ride on Dog Animal Fancy Dress Jumpsuit Halloween Party Blow Up Suit Gender: Unisex Material: Waterproof Polyester Is customized: Yes Item Type: Inflatable Costumes For Adult Special Use: Corporate Image/Product Promotion/Individual Or Collective Performance: Entertainment/Friends Gathering/Evening Halloween,Christmas,Daily,Carnival,Party Feature: Character Costumes Size Suitable for:...

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Welcome to Sukkah Star, the revolutionary concept in crafts. Sukkah Star is a paper craft that lets children and adults create something incredible all on their own, with nothing but a pair of scissors and their own hands. Utilizing a basic folding/tracing/cutting technique, without any glue, paint, or specialized cutting equipment, Sukkah Star is...

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This acrylic tallit is a perfect imitation of a wool tallit! The perfect choice for anyone seeking a pretty, yet cheap tallit. Product Features Made In Israel by the world famous manufacturer Talitnia Tallit comes with certified standard white kosher tzitzit tied onto the four corners and an atarah (matching neckband with blessing in...

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Teach your toddler about Pesach with this bright and colorful word-and-picture book! Children will learn basic vocabulary while becoming familiar with the objects and concepts that are unique to this special time of year. Product Features Used Book in Good Condition

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Plush Lulav and Etrog Set Product Features Children’s Soft Plush Lulav and Esrog Play Set Kids Will Love Shaking and Playing With Their Very Own Lulav and Esrog The Lulav and Etrog Can be Held Together With Velcro or Seperated Makes a Great Sukkot Gift For Children of All Ages The 4 Species are...

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Now they can build their very own Jewish vehicles and buildings! detailed instructions included and your little one will be lost in dream land for hours!. Product Features Detailed step by step instructions included Includes: 6 figures Kit included for display in your sukkah

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Tefillin Pesutim – mainly for people on a low budget, made using several pieces of parchment to form the inner walls of the head tefillin, glued within a slit square to divide it into the four required compartments. Hand written “Parshiot” by a scribe. Guaranteed Lowest Price on The Web. Free Tefillin Velvet Bag...

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Celebrate the Holiday of Sukkot with this beautiful Sukkah Mat. Product includes: 1 Mat 1 Storage Bag Description: Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Kehilla of Los Angeles. Long lasting Easy to Store Product Features Certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Truly Kosher of Los Angeles. Made with raffia material (Kosher Mehadrin)...

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Use this all new Custom Shaped Tefillin Cookie Cutter to create gorgeous edible delights for Bar Mitzvahs. Just make your favorite sugar cookie dough, and use the tefillin cookie cutter to shape it. Then decorate your cookies using royal icing or fondant. Includes a sugar cookie recipe. Product Features Exclusive Tefillin cookie cutter for...

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