LGBTQ Kippah / Yamaka / Skullcap. Looking for a new Jewish accessory for temple or a great gift for a Jewish loved one? Our LGBTQ yamaka is what you need! One of a kind, brand new kippah – there’s nothing like it! Very high quality – designed in Israel. Comes with built in clip....

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Happy Hanukkah! celebrate the festival of lights in this plush, hanukkah-themed bathrobe. Featuring an all over pattern, this belted robe is cozy, comfortable and perfect for the winter season. Product Features Plush fabric All over hanukkah pattern Self tie Soft hand feel Perfect gift

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Celebrate the Festival of Lights with this fabulous deluxe Hanukkah Gift arrangement! From festively wrapped chocolate creations, to our 100% kosher Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon, they are going to absolutely love this over-sized holiday gift basket!! This Hanukkah gift basket helps recognize and celebrate the Festival of Lights that is the Hanukkah holiday.   This...

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Show the creative side of your child with these Chanukah Wood Art Painting. May it be a holiday present, reward or prize, this can be the best gift you can give. It will not just only develop their creativity but also enhance their knowledge about the holiday season and tradition. A fun learning activity...

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Need a durable Jewish festival booth? The SUKKOT HADAR LARGE KOSHER SUKKAH! A traditional Jewish temporary hut for chag. Why SUKKOT HADAR? KOSHER – Jewish festival certifiedLARGE – 5×5’ min to 10×10’ maxTRADITIONAL – 4 sides, 2 mesh windows with shades, 40’ sidewall, poles, & more HIGH-QUALITY – Sturdy nylon fabric & telescopic locking...

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This Grape Lights Garland with 72 Grapes will surely enhance your Sukkah.

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Made of durable fabric, these murals were created to amaze. Let your sukkah come alive with quality artwork, by renowned artists Alex Levin, Theodor Tolby, Leonid Afremov, Shemel Katz and Elena Flerova. Treated for sun and rain resistance, use them rain or shine. Easy to hang and easy to store, these majestic murals make...

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Teach your toddler about Pesach with this bright and colorful word-and-picture book! Children will learn basic vocabulary while becoming familiar with the objects and concepts that are unique to this special time of year. Product Features Used Book in Good Condition

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Pack includes 8 large sized shamashim (helper candles). Product Features 100% UNSCENTED BEESWAX Shamashim. HANDMADE! Each yellow candle is handmade from pure beeswax. Beeswax Chanukkah Candles MANY USES! Candle can be used to light any flames. Great for lighting Chanukah and Shabbos neiros, as a shamash or havdallah candle

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Gassot (thick) are each made from one strip of thick leather, with inserts that make them close flat. This is accomplished by a sophisticated manufacturing process that involves repeated application of several tons of pressure in industrial presses. The resulting batim are so rugged and durable that they can be repaired and reconditioned even...

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Mozzicato’s traditional Italian cookies are made using authentic old world recipes and methods. They are perfect for family gatherings and celebrations, parties and events and corporate gift giving. Mozzicato’s cookie trays and platters are always fresh, delicious and irresistible. All of Mozzicato’s Italian cookies are made with the freshest ingredients. Traditional Amaretti and Almond...

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Tefillin Pesutim – mainly for people on a low budget, made using several pieces of parchment to form the inner walls of the head tefillin, glued within a slit square to divide it into the four required compartments. Hand written “Parshiot” by a scribe. Guaranteed Lowest Price on The Web. Free Tefillin Velvet Bag...

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