Occupational Therapy Aids

A sedentary lifestyle is bad, it can lead to obesity or severe circulatory problems and also cause inflammation in the legs, varicose veins, and pain. This Soozier electric leg exerciser provides an easy way to keep joints mobile by providing regular gentle exercise from the comfort of your own chair. While the machine moves...

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The Crossover Grip is ergonomically designed to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping. It uses the same proven design as The Pencil Grip, the #1 grip recommended to help kids write, AND has added “wings” to prevent the common problem of fingers crossing over each other. The Crossover Grip is the...

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Product Features GREAT FOR SENIORS with ALZHEIMER’S OR DEMENTIA that need extra stimulation. KEEPING BUSY HELPS REDUCE LONELINESS. Helps Caregivers through the difficult times of the day. ENABLES BUSY HANDS TO STAY BUSY! Lacing, buckling and zipping activities. Grabs their attention & keeps hands busy! Buttoned pocket, rings to clip favorite items and more!...

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Helps Kids Relax and Find True Comfort with a HugBoat Sensory Compression Boat! When kids feel overwhelmed or want to curl up with a good book, an oversized armchair or sinking beanbag aren’t always the best choice; especially if you need something that supports sensory needs. That’s why we created the Special Supplies HugBoat,...

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The K-fit Male Adaptor must be attached to an EMS or TENS device to activate and is designed for use with the K-fit Kegel Toner. It accepts a 2.5mm connecting pin. Our adaptor’s conductive plates are made of surgical grade stainless steel and are considered nickle-free. The probe is just 1/2 an inch in...

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Dycem Non Slip Material Rolls make daily living activities easier by providing an unbeatable grip. Simply cut a section of Dycem material off the roll, then place it wherever you need to add stability to a slippery surface without the need for adhesive. Used and recommended by many occupational therapists, physical therapists and healthcare...

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What Is A Body Sock? More than 40 million people who suffer from prolonged anxiety or have trouble calming down. The sensory body sock is not just for ADHD and Autism anymore, but also could encourage creative movement for your children to improve balance, gross motor skills and proper postural control/positioning by allowing organization...

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180¡ “Robinson” stainless steel pocket goniometer (7516) 180¡ and 360¡ stainless steel goniometers (7517 & 7518) 6″ (15cm) stainless steel finger goniometer 8″ (20cm) stainless steel goniometer (5048B) 8″ (20cm) aluminum X-ray goniomete . Product Features Model : 8060 This listing is Jamar Six-Piece Goniometer Set with Case . Qty : Six-Piece Goniometer Set...

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Swaddling is a natural comfort that we experience from birth. Children’s body awareness pod is designed to support sensory processing in children that utilize their senses more readily to perform everyday task. The heavy duty stretch and elasticity allows children to move unobstructed while exploring in the safety and comfort of a pod that...

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Deluxe Gait Belt is an invaluable tool for caregivers who assist in the transportation and ambulation of patients. This patient transfer belt has an extra wide 4″ back, which provides the perfect amount of weight bearing leverage to prevent the caregiver from straining their back as they support the patient. Equipped with easy-to-grip handles,...

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Textured cones provide a non-slip grip and tactile stimulation. Set of 30 cones includes six colors. Washable. 7″ tall. Latex free. Product Features This item may differ from the image shown. This item may be a replacement or optional part for the image shown, or differ in model, color, etc. Please review the title...

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Index is a unique and versatile writing instrument designed for people who have difficulty using regular writing instrument. Arthritis hands, Stroke victims, Children, Alzheimer, Parkinson Product Features Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Alzheimer writing aid Stroke victim writing aid FDA (Food and Drug Administration) classified under Class 890.5050 Daily activity assist device. 0

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