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More than 99% accurate in detecting specific drugs according to the designated cut-off levels Easy to use-just dip the test into urine and read results, 2 lines appears if clean, 1 control line only appears if not clean; Read results in minutes; You will receive: 200 Pack Individual Easy@Home 5 Panel Drug Test Kits...

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The KinTouch DNA Test is a full range genetic relationship test covering first and second degree relatives such as parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. This at home DNA Test kit can be completed within 10 minutes in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Get immediate and confidential results. No hassle...

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It is estimated that just over 85,000 new cases of Syphilis are reported to the CDC each year and the total number of infected individuals has been increasing over the past few years. Syphilis is a bacterial infection that is spread from sexual contact (including vaginal, anal, and oral sex) with someone who is...

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Rapid HIV 1+2 Test Card employs chromatographic lateral flow device in a cassette format. Colloidal gold conjugated recombinant antigens (Au-Ag) corresponding to HIV-1 gp120, gp41 and HIV-2 gp-36 are dry-immobilized at the end of nitrocellulose membrane strip. HIV 1+2 antigens are bond at the Test Zone (T) and rabbit anti-HIV 1+2 antibodies are bond...

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Three results in one test: HDL, LDL, total. Provides information about your total cholesterol level in as little as 5 minutes. Accurate and fast, easy to use at home. No fasting required. Up to 3 results per kit. Everything you need to test included in one kit, no doctor’s visit. 1 First Check Cholesterol...

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The UTest Difference UTest THC testing kits offer peace of mind and a judgement free marijuana testing option that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Made in the USA, these accurate test kits will give you your THC levels before going into any required drug test, and with 99% accuracy...

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Having a combined Cholesterol and Lipids Test is one of the most common ways to assess your overall heart health. High LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides have been linked to a number of diseases, including heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease and atherosclerosis, high blood pressure (hypertension), and type II diabetes. Controlling your blood cholesterol levels...

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With SmartChoice Marijuana Urine Drug Tests you can instantly check a urine sample for Marijuana use. SmartChoice is easy to use, affordable, reliable, and built for people and families who choose trust. Unlike other drug tests on the market, SmartChoice is FDA approved and CLIA waived making SmartChoice drug tests over 99.9% accurate. When...

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Cholesterol,Triglycerides,Glucose All in one Testing Device;3 IN 1 Multifunction Test Meter;Kit Includes 5 Cholesterol Test Strips;Kit Includes 5 Triglycerides Test Strips;Kit Includes 10 Glucose Test Strips Product Features Prima Home Test 3 in 1 Cholesterol,Triglycerides,Glucose Complete Self Testing Kit

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Rapid Paternity Test Kit with Rapid DNA Testing ALL LAB FEES & SHIPPING BACK TO THE LAB INCLUDED. Our easy-to-use Paternity test kit contains everything necessary to collect and submit cheek-swab samples from 2 individuals, in the privacy of your home. Step-by-step guidelines take you through the process, and the included mailer maintains the...

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For many years, asbestos has been used in everyday life but has now been recognized as a health hazard. The breathing of asbestos fibers can cause a buildup of scar-like tissue in the lungs called asbestosis, which results in the loss of lung function, usually leading to death. Asbestos has also been linked to...

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Do you want an easy way to monitor your health? In today’s modern world it’s hard to stay healthy, do everything we need to do and just enjoy our lives. There are so many things to do and just not enough time to do it in. But staying on top of your health by...

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