❥Package included: 10 pack tissues Product specification: ❥Type: 1 Ply C fold paper tissues/towels ❥color: white ❥Sheet size: 90mm x 170mm ❥Quantity: 10 x 60 = 600 ❥Quality: premium ❥Type: Enviro friendly recycled tissue Product Features toilet tissue toilet tissue rolls toilet tissue mega rolls toilet tissue bulk toilet tissue paper toilet tissue stand...

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Prime Screen Marijuana THC Drug Test Kit can detect any form of THC – marijuana, cannabis, ganja, weed, dank pot, zig zag, grass, hydro, hashish. This test can accurately detect traces of THC in urine up to 5 days after consuming THC. Same science use as lab screen test. It is an affordable and...

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Get piece of mind with the best quality absorbency pads. Incontinence Pads from Royal Care are the only protection you need from bed wetting, leaks, spills and accidents. These versatile and washable chuck pads are versatile and multipurpose. Premium quality material makes them effective and super absorbent. A super soft fabric feels great against...

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Size:12×16 inch, 24 Pack It owns strong cleaning ability and high absorption, helping you to keep your house clean every moment! It can be reused after simple washing, saving your time and money! Various Choice! If we may be so bold, these cloths are best used for virtually all auto, automotive, garage, household, kitchen,...

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Do your microfiber cloths leave things clean as a whistle? If you’ve used microfiber cloths before you’ve probably discovered that all microfiber towels are not created equally. Many are thin, leave behind lint and the edges unravel easily. Others don’t absorb liquids or spills or fall apart and lose their magnetic qualities after a...

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This highly addictive game is the perfect gift for anyone who works in the office or likes a game with a challenge. Put this fun toy in your office or on your kitchen counter! Its the perfect game to take with you wherever you go and provide countless hours of fun. HOW TO PLAY:...

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Classic Highly Polished Chrome Plated Electric Menorah with Flickering Bulbs Product Features A Must Buy Item. Built To Last. Great Item To Give as A Gift. 0

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✎—✦Dear Friends-Welcome to TTbuy✦—✎ Specification: Brand: TTBUY Quantity: 1 Pair Name: Ski Skates Gross Weight: 1350g Size: 39 × 13cm,suitable for adults Note: We recommend using Snowfeet for shoes sizes 5-13 US / 37-47 EU Feature:  – The combination of skis and skates brings the pleasure of skiing to the slopes!  – The skates directly attach...

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Electric Chrome Plated Menorah Highly Polished With Gold Accents Product Features Electric Menorah Highly Polished Chrome Plated With Gold Accents 12 x 14 x 3.5 Happy Hanukkah!!!!!!! 0

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