Extral Large Bathtub Mats:Latex Free, No Chemical Smell,BPA-Free,Vinyl high quality Material.Heavy duty and standard dimensions and rectangle’s shape makes it lays flat in any smooth bathtub floors. Non-Slip Shower Mats with Hundreds of Suction Cups:YINENN anti-slip bath and bath mats features 200 suction cups that help hold in place on smooth and clean surfaces.Powerful...

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Has your little one turned your bath tub into a toy box? You’ll love how simple it is to keep your bathroom clutter-free with the hanging bath toy storage from Munchkin. The wide mouth and handle allows for easy toy scooping after bath time, and the cute fish-shaped hook hangs securely on the bathroom...

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DAPPLE Baby Bubble Bath, Fragrance Free, uses a tear-free, plant-based formula to make bath time more fun and gently cleanse baby from head to toe. Plus, our prebiotic botanical blend leaves skin moisturized 2X longer, and gives moms peace of mind. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and pediatrician and dermatologist tested, DAPPLE Baby Bubble Bath is formulated...

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Cocoa butter is nature’s wonderful moisturizing gift to you. So indulge yourself in the rich and creamy lather of Tone Original Cocoa Butter Bath Bar with cocoa butter and vitamin E. Product Features Cocoa butter is nature’s wonderful moisturizing gift to you So indulge yourself in the rich and creamy lather of Tone Original...

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These are Bathing Bar for Babies. It Comes with Pack of 4. Colour: White. Product Features Baby soap formula is enriched with mild moisturizers to help protect baby’s skin from dryness and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth Babycare products specially developed for baby’s delicate skin Combo Pack of 4 0

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Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention & Treatment Oil It’s not your typical stretch mark oil made from cheap, inferior oils that do little to improve the skin’s condition. Featured in such magazines as Fit Pregnancy, this oil is made from the best nutritive oils designed to penetrate beneath skin’s surface where it’s needed. Pregnant...

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PRACTICAL PARENTING At Cuddles & Giggles we strive to provide practical baby products, at affordable prices, to make parents’ lives easier while caring for their baby. In keeping with that goal we have come up with this unique baby bath towel set. Not only does it come with a towel, it also comes with...

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GET BACK YOUR INDEPENDENCE Living independently is a necessity for most. Our Carex Hip Kit includes the home health care necessities for daily living including items for grabbing, bathing, and dressing independently. Our hip kit is perfect for those in need of handicap accessories or in need of a hip replacement kit EASY REACHING...

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Product Features ۞ STRONG SUCTION CUPS: It comes with 2 powerful suction cups that won’t lose their grip even if they get wet, it can stick onto those flat and smooth surfaces. ۞ FUN BATH TOYS:Just need to stick the hoop on the bathtub or tiled wall, then your babies will have a entertaining...

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