Due to long-term computer work , sedentary , and lack of exercise, our cervical vertebrae are prone to fatigue, and more and more people have neck pain problem. Many people think that cervical spondylosis is not a very serious disease,just take a break and just fine. But it will become more and more serious...

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Quik sorb reusable incontinent pants are made of soft waterproof medical vinyl for reduced noise and improved comfort. Snap on style allows pants to be removed easily while in bed and features elastic that will conform to your body for a wearable secure fit. Various size options available to meet your needs. All pants...

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OEM extra full set of mop handles for Twist and Shout Mop Product Features OEM extra full set of mop handles for Twist and Shout Mop Only compatible with Twist and Shout Mop mopheads and bucket system. Not compatible with other spin mop mopheads or buckets.

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ABOUT WERNNSAI WERNNSAI is a professional manufacturer producing and offering various of creative and environment-friendly products. We commit ourselves to offering the best products and services to everyone. Wish you have a good purchase! Features And Benefits ☛Special party theme design: Designed with green and black themes, full of technology. This is the best...

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The ObboMed Pull-on Incontinence pants provide protection from leaking whether you’re in bed or “on-the-go”. The ‘Pull-on’ style is just like normal underwear. Designed to be used with pads, diapers or other absorbent materials. Product Features: – Elastic waist and leg bands for added comfort and protection – Designed for use with any pads...

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Functions:Provide effective support for the following conditions,such as:1. Jammed, sprained finger , ligament tears or phalanx.2. Adjunctive treatment of tenosynovitis.3. Injury prevention and post-surgery healing to promote recovery. Features:1.Simple structure, portable and make hand-washing easier.2.You can wear it during day while cooking, typing and driving. You can also wear it at night to release...

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This smartly designed, lightweight chair is simple to maneuver yet sturdy enough to support people weighing up to 397 pounds. A great choice for users who need a lightweight wheelchair that is easy to travel and use when you are out.The basic information of this cane include: Material: steel Applications : The aged (men...

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This women’s post-op shoe helps to support and protect the foot and toes after various injuries and surgeries. This includes injuries and conditions such as lisfranc fractures, stress fractures, bunions, heel fractures, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and morton’s neuroma. The square toe design is ideal for postoperative use because of the extra protection and it...

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Mehofoto Light Blue Baby Shower Backdrop Royal Prince Background 7x5ft Vinyl Africa American Boy Royal Baby Shower Party Banner Supplies ★Features: 1. Digital computer-printed backdrop. Light weight and durable. 2. Vinyl cloth is not washable. .Please use a damp cloth wipe the stain. 3. Tens of thousands of realistic pattern. No reflective & Color...

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