Safety Guide - For Families

Whether you are seeking a babysitter, housekeeper, childcare, elderly care, live-in nanny, day camp or daycare facility, FrumCare understands the importance of having a positive and safe experience. All the profiles listed on our site are screened to make sure they meet basic safety and reliability guidelines.

Moreover, FrumCare specializes in featuring human service workers who are sensitive to Orthodox Jewish traditions, and to basic Jewish values of family and home. We pride ourselves on helping you find the best match for your family's unique needs.

In our Safety Guide, you will find:

  • Tips for Hiring Caregivers: How to Safely Hire In-Home Help

  • Checklist for Hiring Employees

  • Hiring the Right Employee Red Flags

  • Bringing Childcare into Your Home

  • What to Look for in a Babysitter

  • How to Choose a Nanny

  • How to Hire a Caregiver

  • Babysitter Red Flags

  • Interview Red Flags

  • Live-In Caregiver Safety Issues

  • Abusive Caregiver

  • Home Safety Guide

  • Daycare Safety

  • Summer Camp Safety Tips