Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FrumCare?

FrumCare is an online tool that helps Orthodox Jewish families and caregivers find each other in an easy, helpful, and safe way. FrumCare will help you find individual caregivers or care institutions that suit your needs. Local childcare, senior care, special needs care, household help, daycare facilities, and even summer camps can all be found on our site. Moreover, FrumCare specializes in providing human service workers who are sensitive to Jewish traditions and to the Jewish values of family and home.

2. How does it work?


Sign up and create your profile, including your skills, availability, photo, references, and more.

Alternatively, you can browse our list of jobs available in your area by entering your specific search preferences. Sign up and you can set up a 'search alert' that sends you an email with each new listing matching your search preferences.


Sign up and post a job opening with your specific needs and requirements.

You can also search our list of caregivers in your area according to your specific job requirements and schedule. Sign up and you can set up a 'search alert' that sends you an email with each new listing matching your search criteria.

3. What kind of caregivers can I find on FrumCare?

Babysitters, mother's helpers, nannies, playgroup operators, special needs workers, senior care, house cleaners, daycares, and day camps can all be found on our site. Our site will also help you find Frum therapists.

4. What kind of jobs can I find on FrumCare?

Babysitting, mother's helper, nanny, house cleaning, senior caregiver, daycare worker, day camp staff, special needs provider, and more.

5. Can FrumCare help my care institution?

Absolutely. Our site can help advertise your services locally and globally. Our site is also an excellent resource for recruiting the staff and workers your care institution or organization needs.

6. Is it free?

Our site is completely free! You can sign up, create a profile, post a job, and search for jobs or caregivers in your area free of charge. In later stages of our growth and development we will be introducing features and functions for pay.

7. How often should I login to the site?

We recommend you login to your account at least once a week to check for new listings and to make sure your details up to date. You can also refresh your ad each time you login and push it higher in the search rankings.

8. How do I update my details?

You can login to your account anytime to update details, refresh, manage or renew your ads.

9. Can I freeze my ad?

Yes. Found a caregiver? Found a job? You don't have to erase your ad! Just click on "Archive" in your ad management section and your ad and search preferences will be waiting for you the next time you need them.

10. Is my email address kept confidential?

Absolutely! We do not publish your address. Our site provides a special contact form for users who wish to contact you by email.

11. How can I trust a caregiver from the Internet?

Our profiles are especially designed so that caregivers provide all the details necessary for a Frum parent to feel confident in hiring or at least interviewing them. Our caregivers are also encouraged to upload references and recommendations.

12. Can I get references and recommendations for caregivers?

Our caregivers are encouraged to upload references and recommendations to their profiles. Our site also allows ratings and reviews of caregivers by parents and users.